DIY Teacher Gift in a Pizza Box

If you’ve followed our blog, you may think that I have a fascination with teacher supplies.  And pizza boxes.

That is most definitely true!  Here is another great example of a fun way to give a teacher school supplies.
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DIY Diaper Delivery in a Pizza Box

Diapers.  They are perhaps the most practical gift for an expecting mother, but not necessarily a “fun” one.

When I found out that my sister-in-law was expecting her third daughter, I knew that diapers would be high on her wish list.  I wanted to find a fun way to present her with diapers.  The empty pizza box from the previous night’s dinner was my answer.

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Surprise 80th Birthday Party

Turning 80 is a big deal.  It’s bigger than big.  It’s massive.

A long time ago I decided that my dad needed an awesome surprise party for his 80th birthday.  Sometimes surprise parties are hard to orchestrate, but this one came together quite nicely.  The hardest part was keeping the party details from my 5 year-old so that he would not blow our cover.
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DIY Gift Teachers Will Love

As a former teacher, I can honestly say that I loved receiving school supplies as a gift.

My oldest child is starting Kindergarten this year (*sniff*).  I had been contemplating what to give his teacher for the past several months and finally came up with a solution.
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Ice Chest to Treasure Chest

Treasure chests are essential for a pirate party and ours was no exception.

When I noticed that there were people turning ice chests into treasure chests, I knew that I had to get in on the action.

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Storage Cabinet Facelift

Due to an increase in the amount of power tools in the garage, the white storage cabinet sitting in there had to come inside.

While functional, there was no place in our house to disguise this piece of furniture that had absolutely no character about it whatsoever.

Thus, we began the brainstorming session on how we could transform this lackluster storage cabinet.  Seeing that we love projects that cost little-to-no-money, we decided to use some of our stash of free reclaimed wood (a.k.a. old fence boards from our neighbors’ yards).

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DVD Case to Gift Card Holder

Are you like me and have a ton of empty DVD cases?

I like to store my DVDs in a binder to take up less room, but ended up keeping the DVD cases in case I came up with a way to repurpose them.  Ridiculous, right?  The DVD case-turned-colored pencil-holder that is all over the Internet gave me the idea to make a gift card (or money) holder.

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DIY Chicken Wire Frame

If you love farmhouse decor, you need a chicken wire frame in your house.

Not only are these frames adorable, affordable, and easy to make, they are also incredibly functional.

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Host a Gender Reveal Party on a Budget

Is it strange that I hosted my own gender reveal party?

Probably.  I really love to plan for parties and thought it would be fun for our family.  As always, I had to make sure that I could find frugal ways to throw a fun gender reveal party.
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DIY Family Backpack Wall

For a long time I have wanted a backpack wall in our house (even with only one child in preschool).

The only problem was that I could not find a great place to store backpacks in our open concept house.  One day we decided to give away a large chunky piece of furniture in our kitchen to a neighbor.  After toying around with some other options, we finally decided that it would be the perfect location for a backpack wall (and right next to the garage door…happy dance!)

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